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To take advantage of our Free Daily Mortgage Commentary trial with our interest rate Lock & Float recommendations, please complete the below form.

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Our Client’s Recommendations

“Entering my 25th year as a mortgage professional I continue to find Al Bowman’s Daily Mortgage Commentary a vital asset to my daily operations.  The first email I read in the morning along with my cup of coffee is the daily Mortgage Commentary. Al’s ability to accurately predict the short and long term direction of interest rates and discuss the factors that drive them have been proven to my staff and clientele time and time again!”

Zachary J McCrea

Trojan Home Loans and Realty

“I have been using Mortgage Commentary Services for the past 11 years as my primary source of mortgage rate research.  Their ability to accurately predict mortgage rate direction has saved my clients so much money over the years and has helped boost my revenue more than any other tool.

 Client and all of my referral sources including but not limited to realtors, business managers, accountants and brokers decide on whether they want to receive the daily or weekly report providing real time market information which also serves as a huge marketing bonus for my business.

 I highly recommend Mortgage Commentary Services”

Jeremy Altervain

Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Our Service Helps Allow Our Clients to Be More Efficient With Their Time

Less fielding of phone calls or replying to emails about “what mortgage rates did today”

Our Daily Mortgage Commentary translates complex economic into laymen’s terms

This allows most borrowers, Realtors and mortgage professionals to understand what is happening with residential mortgage rates on a daily basis.


Completely unbiased, professional opinion about locking or floating an interest rate.

We also go out on a limb that many of our peers avoid. We give you short-term and long-term opinions of which direction interest rates may be heading.

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