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Can I share my Daily Mortgage Commentary reports?

That depends on your subscription.  Personal Subscriptions cannot be shared, redistributed or posted anywhere. However, our Standard license allows for the content to by shared with others, posted on a single website and shared via the social media accounts of the licensee.  Our Enterprise license allows for sharing the content via many websites and social media accounts.  Under both the Standard and Enterprise licenses, we will gladly email the reports on your behalf.

If I have multiple websites or company brands, can I use the content across them?

Our Standard subscription allows for using the content on a single website, but under certain conditions we may allow additional sites to use it if under the same company brand. The Enterprise license allows much more flexibility in terms of how our content is used and how many sites it is used on.  Feel free to contact us for clarification about our usage guidelines.  We will be happy to try to customize a subscription that meets your needs.

Can I change the Lock & Float recommendations on my account if I don’t agree with your predictions?

Our lock/float recommendations are well-regarded and followed by many in the industry. Therefore, to maintain our reputation for accurately predicting mortgage rate direction we cannot allow our clients to change them.  However, this feature of our service is optional and can be excluded from your website feed and emailed reports if you prefer.  We can also create your account so that your staff members receive the recommendations in their reports to give them some guidance yet exclude them from the website and emailed reports your borrowers and other readers will see.

What if I don’t want my report to go to everyone on my distribution list every day?

There are two distribution options if we are emailing the reports on your behalf.  The Daily option will have the Monday – Friday morning reports sent to that email address along with Sunday evening’s weekly preview. These readers will get the report sent to them following every update.  There is also a Weekly Only option for readers that may not be interested in daily rate movements.  It is a day by day breakdown and preview of the upcoming week that is sent out Sunday evenings.  This version of the report is ideal for Realtors and other business sources that are interested in the mortgage market but not as closely as borrowers may be.  Each email address in your distribution list can be listed as Daily or Weekly.

Our Service Helps Allow Our Clients to Be More Efficient With Their Time

Less fielding of phone calls or replying to emails about “what mortgage rates did today”

Our Daily Mortgage Commentary translates complex economic into laymen’s terms

This allows most borrowers, Realtors and mortgage professionals to understand what is happening with residential mortgage rates on a daily basis. 


Completely unbiased, professional opinion about locking or floating an interest rate.

We also go out on a limb that many of our peers avoid. We give you short-term and long-term opinions of which direction interest rates may be heading.

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