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What We Do

Our Daily Mortgage Commentary translates into laymen’s terms the complex economic data and other influences that drive mortgage rates. This allows most borrowers, Realtors and mortgage professionals to understand what is happening with residential mortgage rates on a daily basis. The report is posted every business day and Sunday evenings (6 days a week, excluding holidays).

The daily reports give a snapshot of the relevant markets during morning hours and an estimate of how much of a change we should see in mortgage pricing from the previous update. They also summarize the morning’s economic releases and other events that are affecting bond trading and mortgage rates, with results of those reports and their impact on the day’s trading. They also include a short-term outlook of what to expect that afternoon and the next business day for short-term preparation purposes.

There are also periodic intra-day updates when significant events take place such as FOMC meetings or drastic changes in mortgage pricing.

The 6th day is our weekly preview every Sunday evening. This update breaks down the upcoming week on a day-by-day basis with forecasts and predictions the markets are expecting to see from the week’s data. It labels the most and least important days so our readers are prepared and educated about what to expect during the following five days.

We also go out on a limb that many of our peers avoid. We give you short-term and long-term opinions of which direction interest rates may be heading. This allows our readers to get a completely unbiased, professional opinion about locking or floating an interest rate. We believe that we have been quite accurate with the recommendations for many years, but please keep in mind that they are only an opinion and in no way can they be guaranteed. We can’t be responsible when the markets create havoc with our crystal ball, but at the very least you are getting an opinion from a source that has historically been accurate.

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